Membership at PBA

We believe that flexibility and customized membership opportunities are the keys to meeting members' needs. Pennsylvania Bankers Associations membership structure is comprised of 4 CATEGORIES:

Financial Institution Members
Any national bank, state bank, bank and trust company, trust company, private bank, stock savings bank, mutual savings bank, savings association or any regulated depository institution owned by a bank holding company in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania may become a regular member of this Association upon payment of the annual dues. If a financial institution with its home office located in another state has branches in Pennsylvania, its Pennsylvania branches shall be deemed a separate regular member for all purposes. If a regular member is an affiliate of a registered bank holding company, each of its depository institution affiliates located in Pennsylvania shall also be a regular member and liable for payment of the annual dues. Dues are based on Pennsylvania deposits. Our Regular Members encompass financial institutions from $12 million to $46 billion. Regular Members have access to all membership benefits available through the PBA.

Affiliate Members (Vendor)
These industry-related service providers receive Association mailings, publications, industry updates and invitations to attend educational programs at the Regular Member rate. Affiliate membership opens the door to networking opportunities with financial services clients in casual, professional environments while offering Affiliate Members the chance to serve as valuable and knowledgeable resources for Regular Members.

Associate Members
Any out-of-state bank or bank holding company may become an associate member upon approval of its application by the Board of Directors and payment of the annual dues for associate members. Associate members may have all privileges of membership except the right to vote, and the right of its officers or employees to hold office or serve on committees. As financial institutions operating outside of the Keystone State, Associate Members can take advantage of PBA's membership benefits at the Regular Member rate.

Retired Banker Members
Times have changed and so has retirement. Want to stay active and engaged even though you have retired or semi-retired? Want to stay abreast of what is going on in the industry? Still eager to participate and contribute to the profession? Pennsylvania Bankers Associationís Retired Bankers Program helps you do it all!

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