Adapted from his PA Bankers 2018 Convention Remarks

From paBanker Magazine's 2018 Q2 Edition: Volume 20.2

One of the great honors of serving as president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Bankers Association (PA Bankers) is gaining the insight and counsel of the bank CEOs and executives who comprise our board
and four officers.

With 11 of the 23 board members completing their terms on June 30, this will be a year of great transition. I thank these 11 individuals for their commitment to PA Bankers and to the industry.

I would especially like to thank Joe Major for his leadership as your Chair and for his tremendous dedication, energy and passion. He has challenged me to think critically, and he has challenged all of us,
respectfully, to seek compassion in everything we do; to be a caring group of citizens, working to serve our communities; and to take a more active role in ensuring a positive future for all people.

Each year, our board members bring a new perspective and a set of different experiences to the table. They refresh our drive to collectively make this association smarter, more effective and more responsive to the challenges and needs of the industry and the marketplace.

And those challenges and needs continue to mount. Issues such as cyber risk, increased credit union competition and farm credit competition, the evolving world of Fintech, cannabis banking, BSA/
AML, and an ever-changing regulatory environment all test our members, while member CEO succession, industry image and consolidation pull at the fabric of the association.

None of these are issues that we can solve overnight. Every one of you can play a part in addressing these challenges and helping us to make the association better, stronger and more sustainable.

We need our members to be engaged – at all levels of the bank – now more than ever.

This starts with the launch of the PA Bankers Champions program. As your 2018-19 incoming Chair Jim Dionise announced during convention, we are looking for each member institution to identify at
least one Champion.

Champions can come from any line of business or level in your organization, but they should possess three qualities:

  • The ability and authority to communicate clearly
    and openly;
  • Passion for and loyalty to the industry and the
    association; and finally,
  • Strong, personal connections with your

Champions will serve as an intermediary between the association and your institution. They will raise awareness of how PA Bankers can assist your bank and its employees through educational opportunities,
advocacy, communications, access to resources, cost savings, revenue generation and more.

In turn, we expect you to see higher return on your membership investment, more effective and efficient communications about PA Bankers’ offerings and initiatives, and greater access to money-saving products and resources. This program has the potential for great value in improving your employees’ development, retention and industry engagement.

We will provide a toolkit, training and rollout package for each member bank and will meet with the designated Champions twice a year in person, along with regular check-ins via conference call throughout the year.

It is our goal to identify at least one Champion from every bank. But we know that, while one Champion might work in some banks, others may need 3-5 Champions or more to effectively meet the goals of
the program.

As we look to increase member engagement, and with a constant eye on the next generation of bankers, we are also encouraging banks to match experienced PA Bankers Champions with a younger employee co-Champion to ensure that all levels of the organization and career stages are represented from the institution. This could be a great way to offer non-monetary recognition to your best, brightest and most engaged employees.

Your CEO and/or members of your executive team will be receiving an introductory letter as we roll out the PA Bankers Champions program this month.

As a member-focused and member-driven association, we are committed to this program, and we are asking that you join us in this effort.

When I started six years ago, there were 208 state charters in Pennsylvania. At the beginning of 2018 we had 157. Fewer banks does not need to mean fewer volunteers and fewer program participants. It
is our job as the PA Bankers to work more efficiently, more effectively and more strategically as our numbers get smaller. This program will allow us to do that.

This is your association. We want to grow it—through membership, through program delivery and through service to our members. And, we want to make sure that we are delivering on the value proposition that you and all our member institutions expect and deserve out of the Pennsylvania Bankers Association. Please join us as we launch the PA Bankers Champions program.

Thank you.


Duncan Campbell
President & CEO