Overview of the PA Bankers' Financial Institutions Membership

Financial Institution Members include: national and state chartered banks, trust companies, non-depository trust companies, private banks, stock savings and mutual savings banks, savings associations, or any regulated depository institution owned by a bank holding company operating in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Financial institution members are eligible to receive PA Bankers' weekly e-newsletters and the paBanker Magazine, serve on Association committees and governance, and participate in educational programs. Additionally, financial institution members receive legislative representation at both the state and federal level.

Financial Institution Membership Benefits

  • Informational mailings
  • PA Bankers' weekly e-mail newsletters “Association Matters” and “Advocacy & Insights”
  • A subscription to paBanker Magazine
  • Educational programs at all levels
  • Products and services program
  • Legislative representation at both the state and federal level
  • Peer interaction and networking opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Access to exclusive member information on the Association Website
  • Timely regulatory information
  • Access to industry service providers (PA Bankers Affiliate Members) and industry media advisers

Cost of Membership

Financial Institution membership dues are calculated using a formula based on the institution's total Pennsylvania deposits. To calculate your dues and the institution's total Pennsylvania deposits, please contact PA Bankers' Member Services Department.

If a financial institution’s home office is located in another state, but has branches in Pennsylvania, its Pennsylvania branches shall be deemed a separate regular member for all purposes. If a regular member is an affiliate of a registered bank holding company, each of its depository institution affiliates located in Pennsylvania shall also be a regular member and liable for payment of the annual dues. Dues are based on Pennsylvania deposits. Our regular members encompass financial institutions from $12 million to $46 billion. Regular members have access to all membership benefits available through the PA Bankers Association.

Current Members:

Below are commercial banks, savings banks or savings associations, or any regulated depository institution owned by a bank holding company operating in PA, who are PA Bankers members effective July 1.  Click for a list of Affiliate Members.

Group 1:

Group 2:

Group 3:

Group 4:

Group 5:

Group 6:

Out of State Charter Members:

 As of 11-16-18