Get to Know the PA Bankers' Boards and Committees

The Key to PA Bankers Members’ Success

Part of the Pennsylvania Bankers Association’s core mission is to provide members with premier financial services opportunities in continuing education, industry advocacy, and member networking and engagement. Our mission is only plausible due to the dedication of the men and women who serve as Association volunteers.

Committees are the lifeblood of the PA Bankers and allow the association to stay abreast of leading industry news, emerging trends and other current affairs relevant to the banking industry. Volunteer knowledge and expertise guide the association and provide greater opportunity to all PA Bankers members.

Government Relations Committee

PA Bankers' Government Relations Policy Committee (GRPC) determines the policies and grassroots initiatives that have the greatest impact on the banking industry and PA Bankers members. This Policy Committee is advised by specialty committees with specific expertise such as lending, tax, insurance, deposits, securities, trust and estates, and more. Supplemented by special task forces, and working groups when needed, the GRPC weighs its advisory groups’ recommendations, establishes the association’s positions and prioritizes the allocation of available resources. A Grassroots Committee focuses on coordinating grassroots efforts while building relationships with key members of Pennsylvania’s State Legislature. Additionally, government relations committees keep the members aware of pending regulations or other proposed changes that may affect the banking industry.

For more information, please contact PA Bankers' Government Relations Department.

Member Services Committee

Our Member Services Committees guide Pennsylvania Bankers Association members toward more active roles both inside and outside the Association. The committees work in tandem with all areas of the Association to ensure PA Bankers continues to provide updated services and networking opportunities that align with member need. Committees include Policy, Nominating, Group Officers and Secretaries, Women in Banking, Past Chair and Retired Banker peer groups who assist in coordinating PA Bankers regional functions.

For more information, please contact PA Bankers’ Member Services Department.

Professional Development Committee

The Pennsylvania Bankers Association is committed to providing members with the industry’s highest-quality professional development and ongoing educational opportunities. The Professional Development Committees review, design, and implement the wide-range of professional programming and leadership experiences offered through PA Bankers courses, schools, and certificate programs. Committees include Policy, Trust Conference Planning Committee, Mortgage Banking Advisory Committee, as well as Advisory Committees for specific Association residential schools, including; School of Banking, Advanced School of Banking, School of Commercial Lending, and the School of Trust.

For more information, please contact PA Bankers' Professional Development Department.

Standing Committees

In addition to the Committees listed above, the PA Bankers have regular Standing Committees to help maintain effective governance and communication among our financial members and within the organization. Standing Committees include Agriculture and Rural Issues, Audit, Budget and Finance, Legal Affairs, Information Technology, Public Relations and Communications, and Security and Fraud.

PA Bankers Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of 22, member-elected bank representatives who determine the policies of and govern the Pennsylvania Bankers Association between annual conventions and special membership meetings. 

Become a PA Bankers Volunteer!

Interested in participating and shaping the future of the Pennsylvania Bankers Association? Member bankers can self-submit a volunteer recruitment form and/or be nominated by another PA Bankers member. Board members and Association Officers are voted in by the membership each year at the annual meeting held during the annual Convention.

Simply fill out the volunteer recruitment form. Contact PA Bankers' Member Services Department for more information.