Group Banking Events

The PA Bankers is headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, however, our membership is found throughout the state. To reach all members, the PA Bankers is dedicated to hosting events in the various geographical regions of Pennsylvania. These smaller gatherings serve as catalysts to insightful discussion about the banking industry and create additional interaction and networking for members. 


Spring Summits

This year, the 2018 Spring Summits, sponsored by the Groups, offered more than 440 members across Pennsylvania an atmosphere to network, and receive a dose of much-needed laughter to brighten your spirits.  PA Bankers welcomed 39 first time attendees, inducted 55 bankers into the 40-Year Club, honored 6 Bank Charter Anniversaries and those financial institutions that increased their 2017 contributions over 2016’s!

Thank you to our 2018 Spring Summits sponsors for making this day of education, networking and recognition a success.