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With banker educational needs and our mission in mind, the PA Bankers offers a systematic curriculum approach to professional development through our schools. These programs are analogous to 100-400 college- level courses, enhanced with projects, presentations and application-based learning. Specialty Schools, along with traditional banking and advanced banking programs, are revised annually to develop leaders, hone banking knowledge and skill, and pave future career paths.

Congratulations to our 2017 School of Banking and School of Commercial Lending graduates and honor students:


PA Bankers Schools include:

  • PA Bankers School of Consumer Lending- Oct. 16-18, 2017, PA Bankers Association Training Room, Harrisburg, Pa.
  • PA Bankers Advanced School of Commercial Lending - Date for 2018 TBD
  • PA Bankers School of Banking - June 3-7, 2018, Penn Stater, State College, Pa.
  • PA Bankers School of Commercial Lending - June 3-7, 2018, Penn Stater, State College, Pa.
  • PA Bankers Advanced School of Banking - July 29 - Aug. 3, 2018, Penn Stater, State College, Pa.
  • PA Bankers School of Compliance - Date for 2018 TBD


School of Consumer Lending (Oct. 16 & 18. 2017)

Member rate: $975
Affiliate rate: $1,075
Non Member rate: $1,462.50

*Does not include lodging.

Attention credit analysts, commercial lenders, consumer lenders, senior credit and loan officers, loan review officers, auditors, directors and branch managers:  Sound credit decisions by community-bank lenders require a high degree of perception and skill.  To reach this level of sophistication, the ability to rethink existing approaches, research new ideas and maintain up-to-date information is constant.  This program will provide:  “Lending Module”, including intro to consumer lending, the loan application and interview process, risk analysis, lending to self-employed borrowers and collections and bankruptcy.  The “Compliance Module” will review and update Fair Lending, Regulation Z (Truth-in-Lending), RESPA, appraisal rules and Dodd Frank & HPML.  These modules are presented by David Kemp, President of Bankers Management, Inc., and Jack Konyk, Executive Director-Government Affairs of Weiner Brodsky Kider, PC.

Advanced School of Commercial Lending (Date/Costs for 2018 TBD)

This school is designed to introduce experienced lenders to more advanced lending and portfolio management topics:  Advanced Cash Flow and Loan Structure, Competing in the New Legislative and Regulatory Environment, Managing Risk in Commercial Real Estate Lending, and Predicting Portfolio Credit Quality.  Use of case studies and exercises will demonstrate the concepts presented.  Credit administration, loan review personnel, and lenders and credit analysts with at least five (5) years experience will benefit from this program. 

School of Banking (June 3-7, 2018, Penn Stater, State College, Pa.)

Member rate: $2,500
Affiliate rate: $3,000
Non Member rate: $3,500

The School of Banking is the foundation on which successful banking careers are built.  Practical knowledge on leadership, sales and marketing, bank environment and finance is presented.  Experienced banking professionals, college professors and consultants provide a broad understanding of the banking industry along with fundamental skills for greater effectiveness in handling daily responsibilities and decision-making.  The school is designed for bankers beginning their careers thru mid-level management looking to “take the next step” in advancing their careers.  Skilled professionals who are new to the banking industry will gain valuable industry knowledge. 

School of Commercial Lending (June 3-7, 2018, Penn Stater, State College, Pa)

Member rate: $2,500
Affiliate rate: $3,000
Non Member rate: $3,500

The School of Commercial Lending focuses primarily on business development, credit structuring, and the practical application of commercial lending knowledge, client and internal communication.  The curriculum is designed for individuals looking to attain well-rounded business development and commercial lending skill set.  Case studies are presented to bring real world scenarios to the classroom providing students with opportunities to share ideas and experience.  The school is a stepping stone to achieving senior lender status.  Branch managers required to be skilled in commercial lending, and credit analysts who need to understand the practical application of lending skills, are encouraged to attend. 

Advanced School of Banking (July 29 - Aug. 3, 2018, Penn Stater, State College, Pa.)

Member rate: $3,000
Affiliate rate: $3,500
Non Member rate: $4,000

*Includes single room occupancy.

The three-year Advanced School of Banking encompasses a variety of learning techniques to build upon and expand the knowledge acquired at the School of Banking.  The application of new financial services knowledge and skills will be important to participants moving to the next level of their career, while paving the road for them to become leaders at any level within their organization.  The curriculum, including the BankExec™ asset/liability simulation in Year III, provides a greater understanding of the multiple banking disciplines and how those disciplines work together within the bank.  Program is appropriate for banking professional seeing to increase their knowledge, sill and personal and professional growth, mid-level management from all disciplines, supervisory staff, and banking individuals from outside the industry motivated to expand their banking knowledge and skill.  Graduates of the Advanced School of Banking (since 2010) are eligible to apply for American Bankers Association (ABA) Stonier’s Accelerated two-year program.   

School of Compliance
 (Date/Costs for 2018 TBD)

Member rate: $675
Affiliate rate: $775
Non Member rate: $1,012.50

*Does not include lodging.