News from Our Members

Banks Strengthen Local Economies

By making loans and providing a safe place to deposit money, banks help strengthen and grow our local communities. Small business and agricultural loans are examples of how banks directly contribute to the economic vitality of their communities enabling businesses to create jobs.  Banks are key community partners donating millions of dollars and volunteering countless hours each year to help support our hometowns.

Local Bankers Help with Every Milestone

Pennsylvanians turn to their local bankers during all milestone events. Banks are with you from your first car loan, to the purchase of your first home, to saving for your kids’ college and planning your retirement. Local banks only succeed when the communities they serve succeed; communities only thrive when families and individuals thrive.

Hometown Happenings

Below are just a few examples of how our banks are improving their local economies and changing lives, day in and day out.

Check out these great stories from our member banks (click on a photo to view the corresponding press release):

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