Consumer Banking 101

The business of banking is a detailed resource to the role banks play in our local, state and national economies. It is a good resource for consumers as well as public policy makers to understand the important role banks play in this country. This information was prepared by the American Bankers Association.

Being financially savvy isn’t just a “banker” thing, it’s an “everyone” thing. The Pennsylvania Bankers Association is dedicated to providing educational information and financial literacy tools to banking customers to help direct them to a path to financial security.

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In the wake of recent data breaches at national retailers, the PA Bankers Association has advice on protecting your financial information. 

10 tips to safeguard your financial information online

  1. “Snack on your balance” – check your account at least once a day so you notice suspicious activity faster.
  2. Report any suspicious purchases ASAP.
  3. Change your online banking password regularly.
  4. Use passwords that combine letters, numbers, and symbols.
  5. Never share your username and password.
  6. Avoid doing online banking or shopping over public wi-fi.
  7. When shopping online, use reputable merchants and make sure the webpage payment screen begins with “https” and has the tiny padlock symbol at the bottom of the page.
  8. Don’t open emails that appear suspicious – especially if the message contains links to websites.
  9. Always log out of your online banking website when you’re done.
  10. Lock your computer or your smartphone when you’re not using it.

Read the joint press release with Orrstown Bank,  “Snacking on your balance” and other tips to protect your financial information online.

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