Leading the Way

Today, PA Bankers is Pennsylvania’s banking industry’s voice for representation within state and federal government agencies and the legislature. Association members work together to stay keenly aware of regulatory changes and potential legislative impacts to the industry and to actively work to influence positive economic and business outcomes. PA Bankers believes the involvement of its members within the advocacy process is crucial to the success and stability of the banking industry of the future.

State Contact Bankers

Banking faces more regulation, legislation and competition than most other industries do. Every year the state legislature spends months considering legislation that impact bankers’ bottom lines and the way financial institutions conduct business.  We live in a competitive democracy and those who sit on the sidelines lose out.

PA Bankers grassroots advocacy efforts are among the best in the state.  You can be involved!  

The Contact Banker Program is an organized effort to allow local bankers to personally present the banking industry's views on issues to their legislators. Contact Bankers are bankers who volunteer to develop and maintain close contacts with their elected officials.

Beyond your individual contacts, the Association provides at least two formalized opportunities annually for you to connect with your local legislators. Bankers Day at the State Capitol is one of these opportunities. Held in the spring, this flagship grassroots event allows bankers to visit legislators in their Harrisburg offices to discuss any issues they may face in the General Assembly.

Grassroots advocacy itself isn't difficult or time-consuming and it can be a lot of fun. There is a real sense of excitement when competing interests are trying to affect positive change on behalf of their industry.  And if you do not speak up, your competitors will.

If you are interested in more information about the Contact Banker Program, contact the PA Bankers' Government Relations Department.

Direct Contact Bankers

Participating in the Direct Contact Bankers (DCBs) program is one of the most important investments you can make in your bank’s future and the future of the banking industry. DCBs are typically CEOs or senior bank executives who often have existing relationships with members of Congress or are willing to build those relationships.

For more information about the Direct Contact Bankers program, visit ABA Grassroots.

If interested in becoming a member, please contact PA Bankers' Government Relations Department.

Join a PA Bankers' Government Relations Committee

PA Bankers' Government Relations Committees cover Pennsylvania policies and grassroots initiatives that have the most impact on the banking industry and our members. These Committees focus on coordinating grassroots efforts, building relationships with State legislators and determining positions on upcoming State legislation. Additionally, the Committees keep our membership aware of pending regulations or changes that would impact the industry.

For more information, please contact PA Bankers' Government Relations Department.

Host a Meeting

What better way to give your congressman a firsthand look at your bank's importance to the community than by inviting him to the bank for a visit?

It is much easier for legislators to make decisions that impact you, your employees, your business and your customers if they are familiar with you, how you do business, and the important issues that impact you. Inviting legislators in your bank’s footprint to visit a branch or corporate headquarters serves several purposes: the member can make valuable district contacts, and you can grow your relationship with your legislator.

Grassroots: Bankers Speak Up, Host a Bank Visit

Other Ways to Take Action

The association is dedicated to providing its members with tools and resources to support its grassroots advocacy initiatives. We urge members to join together and build relationships to advocate on behalf of the banking industry.

Grassroots: Legislative Encounter Form