Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does any part of my contribution go toward the administration of PaBPAC?

No. Every single dollar contributed to PaBPAC goes directly to candidates -- not one penny is used to pay administrative expenses.

Who does PaBPAC support?

Pro-banking, pro-business candidates for the PA General Assembly and statewide office receive PaBPAC support. PA Bankers' Government Relations staff and the PaBPAC Board of Directors carefully consider how supportive incumbent legislators are and seek input from local bankers regarding candidates running in open seats. We look beyond party lines and truly support those who make a difference in our industry.

Does PaBPAC support federal candidates?

PaBPAC is associated with the American Bankers Association BankPAC. It is through BankPAC that PaBPAC is able to support federal candidates who are supportive of the banking industry.

Why should I contribute?

It is important for all bankers to become actively involved! Banking legislation impacts all bankers – and contributing to PaBPAC is just one way to make your voice heard. Even $5 or $10 from you helps to ensure that pro-banking candidates are supported financially.

How will my contribution be recognized?

Individuals are recognized in several ways: at PA Bankers' events with a PaBPAC contribution medallion, in the PaBPAC Annual Report and at the PaBPAC Board of Directors Appreciation Reception at the annual Convention. Of course, you can remain anonymous, too. Should that be the case, we will still need your contact information for record-keeping purposes.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. Due to PCI Compliance, PaBPAC no longer accepts credit card payments via mail using the paper contribution form. Campaign contributions using credit cards are now being accepted online.