Welcome, Women Banking Professionals!

Pennsylvania Bankers Association's Women In Banking initiative is our way of recognizing the significant number of women involved in the success of Pennsylvania’s banking industry. This peer-based, interactive group will be coupled with statewide educational programming within PA Bankers' six regional groups to generate additional professional development opportunities, mentoring programs, networking, recognition and volunteer activities among the Association's female members.


PA Bankers Female Banking Professionals

The PA Bankers' database includes the names of more than 7,500 female banking professionals, ranging from teller to senior management, to CEO and Boards of Directors. The association surveyed this group in 2013, with more than 70 percent ranking “enhancing professional development” (specifically leadership skills) as the top objective for a Women in Banking program offer. Other objectives included “increasing profitability and productivity,” “enhancing networking skills” and “overcoming challenges through the C-Suite.”

The PA Bankers' Women in Banking initiative will address these concerns, while producing beneficial results for all by:

  • Providing women with opportunities for career development, broadened awareness and knowledge of key issues, mentoring, recognition, growth and a deeper sense of inclusion with others within the bank and the industry.
  • Providing member banks with more developed, educated, well-rounded and engaged leaders.
  • Providing the association with additional volunteers at all levels, with broadened expertise, while deepening association awareness among member institutions.
  • Developing community and banking industry leaders for today and tomorrow.

To find out how you can get involved, or for any questions, contact the Professional Development Department.