PA Bankers' Privacy Policy

PA Bankers respects the privacy of its volunteers, members, staff and others who utilize the Association’s services including visitors to the PA Bankers' website. PA Bankers expects its volunteers, members, staff and others with access to confidential or proprietary information to respect legal limits on its usage and to observe appropriate boundaries when communicating online in their Association capacities.


Most information which PA Bankers collects is  used only to help PA Bankers' staff better serve the Association’s  members, volunteers and others who use our  services. It is our general policy to collect and store only personal information that our members, staff and visitors to our website knowingly provide. If our information usage policies change, we will notify persons of this change by a special announcement placed on the PA Bankers' website.


  1. General information usage collection and usage policy. PA Bankers collects data from member organizations, volunteers and other users of Association products or services including PA Bankers' website in order to meet the Association’s mission, serve member and volunteers’ needs, or to notify them of information that we believe will be useful to them. This data may on occasion be shared with other organizations that provide products or services to the financial services industry.


  1. Disclosures to Third Parties. PA Bankers may make member and volunteer contact information available through the PA Bankers Membership & Committee Directories to other members using its website and to those who register for its events. In addition, PA Bankers may incorporate information users provide into hard copies of the Membership & Committee Directory that it may provide to members and may sell to requesters. On occasion, PA Bankers may also provide limited data to third parties that offer products and services for their business purposes to the extent permitted by applicable law and after receiving appropriate assurances from them that the intended usage will be in accordance with applicable law. These limited data include names, job titles, companies and business addresses, but do not include business phone numbers, business fax numbers or e-mail addresses.


  1. PA Bankers' Website. PA Bankers does not collect any personal information from users browsing its website. Users to the public areas of our website browse anonymously. Only aggregate data -- such as the number of hits per page -- are collected. Aggregate data are only used for internal and marketing purposes and do not provide any personally identifying information.


  1. Members, Conference Registrants, and Other Customers. To gain access to members-only resources and personalization features on the PA Bankers' website, members and other users are asked to register and provide some limited information. These data are submitted voluntarily. PA Bankers asks users to provide their name, member number (for members), organization name, business phone, and e-mail. Similar information may be submitted to PA Bankers through membership applications, event registration, publication orders, and subscriptions. Additionally, for some emails sent in HTML format by PA Bankers to its members through its list servers and electronic newsletters, PA Bankers will collect specific information regarding what the recipient does with that email. For those emails, PA Bankers will monitor whether a recipient subsequently clicks through to links provided in the message. Other information collected through this tracking feature includes: email address of a user, the date and time of the user's "click," a message number, name of the list from which the message was sent, tracking URL number and destination page. PA Bankers only uses this information to enhance its products and distribution of those products to its members. This information is not sold or distributed in any other manner.


  1. Data Collected Via PA Bankers' Website.  PA Bankers uses information voluntarily submitted by members and other customers in the following ways:

(a)    PA Bankers' Member Services and Products. Generally, PBA and its direct subsidiary use data collected to improve their respective web contents; to respond to visitors' interests, needs and preferences; and to develop new products and services.

(b)    Consent to Use Personal Information. If you reside in the European Economic Area, information about you is protected under Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Counsel, and statutes adopted by Member States pursuant thereto (the “Directive”). PA Bankers or its agents must store, host and otherwise process the information (including personal data) supplied by the User when registering for this Website. PA Bankers may send such data outside the European Economic Area for processing. If you reside in the European Union, please indicate your consent that the personal information you have provided may be transferred and stored in countries outside of the European Economic Area, including the United States.User supplies information as defined above when registering for the website in order to allow PA Bankers (or its designated agents) to use the information to send the User unsolicited direct mail advertisements, promotions, and solicitations for third parties' products and services to the extent permitted by applicable law. If you reside in Canada, please provide your express consent to receive email communication from PA Bankers.

(c)    Credit Card Account Information. When members and customers choose to pay using their credit cards, PA Bankers submits the information needed to obtain payment to the appropriate clearinghouse. PA Bankers maintains such information in a secure manner only to the extent necessary to provide a record of the transaction for a reasonable  period. Such information is then disposed of in a secure manner in accordance with PA Bankers' data disposal policy.

(d)    Cookies.

Cookies are files that contain information created by a web server that can be stored on a User's hard disk for use either during a particular session ("per-session" cookie) or for future use ("persistent" cookie). PA Bankers uses cookies only to facilitate automated activity, store and track passwords, determine appropriate solicitations, and review navigation patterns. Cookies are not used to disseminate significant information about Users over the Internet or to analyze any information that Users have knowingly or unknowingly provided. When a user registers, the system will ask whether the user approves of the attachment of a cookie. Users may instruct their Internet browsers to opt out of accepting a "persistent" cookie and rather accept only a "per-session" cookie, but will need to login each time they visit the site to enjoy the full benefits. If the user declines the attachment of any cookie, the user may not have access to the full benefits of the website. Registration enables the site to better determine members' interest areas and provide the most relevant information.

iii        Other Sites.

The PA Bankers website contains links to other websites. PA Bankers has no control over and is not responsible for the information usage policies or content of such sites.


  c.  Public Communication/Online Communication/Social Media


  1. Any PA Bankers public or membership communication must be duly authorized through the applicable policy-making process outlined elsewhere in these Policies & Procedures and shall be made only by or through specifically-authorized volunteers or staff.
  2. Any PA Bankers presence on the Internet including public social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, etc.) must be approved by the PA Bankers Board or Policy Committee as applicable.
  3. When a volunteer, member or staff communicates through public or online social media other than when authorized to speak on behalf of PA Bankers, they represent only themselves and their communications and online profiles should specify their individual status.
  4. PA Bankers reserves the right to monitor, prohibit, restrict, block, suspend, terminate, delete or discontinue a volunteer’s, member’s or staff’s access to any PA Bankers social media site, at any time, without notice and for any reason and at its sole discretion. PA Bankers may remove, delete, block, filter, or restrict by any other means any materials at PA Bankers' sole discretion.
  5. PA Bankers may disclose any communications and/or activities with PA Bankers in response to lawful requests by governmental authorities and for the protection of PA Bankers' rights. Any volunteer, member or staff using PA Bankers resources for personal or non-PA Bankers communications or activities agrees that in the event that PA Bankers exercises any of its rights hereunder for any reason, PA Bankers will have no liability to the volunteer, member or staff.
  6. By posting any content on a PA Bankers-approved social media site, PA Bankers is granted the irrevocable rights to reproduce, distribute, publish, and display such content, and the right to create derivative works from the content, edit or modify such content and use such content for any PA Bankers purposes.
  7. Those volunteers, members, or staff participating in any PA Bankers social media sites shall defend, indemnify and hold PA Bankers and its respective officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents, successors and assigns harmless from and against, and shall promptly reimburse PA Bankers for, any or all losses, claims, damages, settlements, costs and liabilities of any nature whatsoever (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) to which any of them may become subject arising out of, based upon, as a result of, or in any way connected with, a volunteer’s, member’s or staff’s posting of any non-PA Bankers approved content to a social media site, any third party claims of infringement or any breach of this Policy.
  8. PA Bankers volunteers, members or staff expressly acknowledge that they assume all responsibility related to the security, privacy, and confidentiality risks inherent in sending any non-PA Bankers approved content over the Internet. By its very nature, a website and the Internet cannot be absolutely protected against intentional or malicious intrusion attempts. PA Bankers does not control the third party sites and the Internet over which the volunteer, member or staff may choose to send confidential personal or health information or other non-PA Bankers approved content and therefore PA Bankers does not warrant any safeguard against any such interceptions or compromises to personal information when posting any such content on an internet site. The volunteer, member or staff must carefully consider his or her own privacy in disclosing detailed or private information about themselves or their families. Furthermore, PA Bankers does not endorse any product, service, view or content published or displayed in such non-PA Bankers approved communications.
  9. PA Bankers' volunteers, members or staff acting in their PA Bankers capacities shall not provide any content to any publisher or social media site that contains any PA Bankers product or service endorsements or any content that may be construed as political lobbying or communication, solicitation of contributions or advocacy for political candidates or parties or discuss political campaigns or issues or take a position on any legislation or law unless expressly authorized by the PA Bankers Board or Policy Committee as applicable.
  10. Volunteers, members and staff should communicate in the first person when acting in their own capacities. Where their connection with PA Bankers is apparent or well-known, they should make it clear that they are speaking only for themselves and not on behalf of PA Bankers. In such  circumstances they should include a disclaimer such as “The views expressed in this article, on this (blog, website, etc) are my own and do not reflect the views of my employer or the Pennsylvania Bankers Association.”  Where applicable, the individuals/members should consider adding this language in an “About Me” section of his/her/their blog or social networking profile.


If any User suspects PA Bankers has handled his/her personal information in a manner that does not comply with this policy, please contact PA Bankers by e-mailing or  calling (717) 255-6900.


*This website is not intended for use by children under age 13.